Scenariul “no exit” în dezvoltare

Am început ieri o discuție despre dezvoltare și la un moment dat cineva m-a întrebat ce se întâmplă cu o comună care se luptă cu un scenariu “no exit” în care premisele actuale sunt atât de negre încât orice intenție de a împinge lucrurile înainte este sortită eșecului imediat. Am răspuns ce răspund de obicei [...]

Dezvoltarea nu e o rețetă din reviste de duminică

Aud în fiecare zi oameni care se plâng de stadiul dezvoltării orașului sau comunei, sau județului și țării în care trăiesc. De multe ori cei ce se plâng sunt chiar aleși locali, oameni care au fost aleși să conducă comunități și să direcționeze dezvoltarea acestora către mai bine. Ceea ce pentru unii dintre ei e [...]

come 2019

We often blame those around us for the misfortunes of our lives. It is more comfortable to do this, and it is a protective mechanism that over the ages we have become proficient in employing when things don’t go our way. It’s hard however to imagine that we can all get what we want, all [...]

On change. And getting there.

Posted by Horatiu Ferchiu on 22/05/14
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I always wonder why there is no actual “freedom for the individual” party on the European scene. And I’m not talking of any extremes – just a right wing economical party, leaning on libertarian, that allows the individual to live his/her life according to their own devices. A party that doesn’t care what your religion [...]

Votul – drept și responsabilitate.

[ Notă - Acest articol este versiunea în limba română a celui publicat anterior în engleză. Note - This blog post is the romanian translation of my previous post ] *** Mai sunt 9 zile pânâ la alegerile #EP2014 în România, și așteptările nu sunt foarte mari. Persistă o idee în mediul public că a [...]

Vote – right & responsibility

9 days to go till #EP2014 elections in Romania and the expectations aren’t particularly high. There seems to be a collective idea that voting makes no difference, and to some extent that is actually true. We are voting on party lists, where major party figures are ranked up top on said lists, so no matter [...]

Never again.

Posted by Horatiu Ferchiu on 16/04/14
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As I am writing this I am listening to the speeches in the EP plenary in Strasbourg, on the WW I and lessons of the past as we look to the future. I’ve been pondering on writing on this subject for the past few months, as the subject is so vast and incredibly complex, that [...]

Kickstart youth entrepreneurship in EU

Youth unemployment is a generalized problem in the EU and a main theme with all EU institutions and leaders. At a pan EU-28 level of 22.9 % in February 2014 and an overall cost of  €153 billion per year in benefits and foregone earnings and taxes, it is clearly evident that unless tackled this issue will only [...]

EP, EC, EUCO and the people. Elections and Democracy.

As we are closing in on the EP elections to be held in May all across the EU, there are a couple of themes that seem to be on top of anything else: the democratic deficit of EU leadership, voters presence for European Elections and, connected with the first, the election of the new European [...]

Federalism in #RO

I have made it no secret that I am a true believer in a Federal Europe. My first post on this blog is about my belief that the national state has lived it’s life. And I do have to agree that in Romania, where I live, the federalist momentum has yet to become a reality, [...]

Opinions on a federalised Europe rss

This blog will be the repository for all my intrusions within the Federal Europe problem, providing my views and opinions. more.

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