Opinions on a federalised Europe

Onwards to the future.

There are 507 million of us EU citizens. Each day we wake up and go about our daily lives, worrying about the weather, the paycheck and what are we going to eat today. Variations to that apply of course to paying the rent, getting actual money for food, getting a job, having a home, etc. What we don’t worry about is not being able to say what we want to say, to read what we want to read, to live life according to our own beliefs. We are free to do most anything in this land, and we have come to not notice that anymore. We can protest, we can shout, we are free.

There are so many around us though that have not these liberties. There are those around us that have the same worries in the morning. The weather, the paycheck and what are they going to eat today. Variations to that apply of course, in the same manner as above. But then it all changes. Many of those around us have forgot that they can’t say what they want to say, that they can’t read what they want, or live life per their beliefs. They forgot and move about day after day, convinced in their own minds that they are. And there is a small minority around us who have not forgot. And they struggle to get that back, every day.

The EU is a beacon of hope. It will always be. And that light must never flicker, must never fade. It is up to us to keep it shinning. There is a lot of fear in Europe right now. Many citizens fear the construct of Europe. And they can’t be blamed. In the effort of pushing things forward we skipped a couple of steps, chief among them explaining the why’s and why nots. The economy accelerated that. The insecurity associated with global issues becoming a local problem has turned people inwards. Some have chosen the path of bordering themselves. Building mental dams that in their mind protect them from what happens around us. The world is a system, a living organism, interconnected in obvious and more subtle ways.

Every step back from what we have achieved is a loss for everybody. Within this Union and outside of it. My generation has seen the fall of communism, the rise of democracy in the dark east, the dream of democracy and union. Belonging to something greater than this land that once was a prison of mind and body. Our lives changed so much so fast. And we adapted. There is no going back.

Somebody said in a comment on an earlier post that those of us who feel European before anything else are a insignificant minority. Maybe they are right. Out of 507 million I don’t know how many feel the same way that I do. Sure enough, I know lots of people who think like I do, but I must admit that my experience might be incomplete. I know many people who think the other way. Who don’t feel European. For various reasons.

But we are here. Minority or not, the European identity exists. The more I think about it, I realize this is our house in the global village. We will make it strong. Europe is my family. All great family saga’s have moments when they are challenged. Such times when the values come at risk, when unity is disturbed. But family is family. And the greatest thing about this family are the values it shares. It is a bond of liberty and rights that keep us together.

There are 507 million of EU citizens. We shall prevail.

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