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I’ve been starring at this blank page for the past 6 months, almost on a daily basis. I’ve been meaning to write more on the federalist quest, but I’ve been turned back again and again by news reaching me on developments on the EU scene. Today, as I have been more or less removed from the EU public scene information flow for such a lengthy time period I find it that the EU holds little to no space on the public scene of my home country.


The only EU related items that have reached me have been concerned only with Greece, EU funds or issues related to the judicial system ( Cooperation and Verification Mechanism). And life goes on, EU penetration as weak as ever.


I was expecting quite a different thing. I was expecting the EU to be vocal and powerful on the public scene, making it’s achievements and policies know to all, no matter where they are. I was expecting EU communication to be stepped up and enforced in this time of crises, local and international. But no, all I got was the same eery self-serving silence I was used to.

Distance between the EU average Joe and Brussels seems to have become even greater, even darker. I used to think it was a bad thing when I had all eyes and ears set on Brussels, on all official channels, but since distancing myself from them I became even more aware of it’s evil.

It is, as if, Brussels doesn’t even care. [by Brussels I mean the official institutions of the EU based in the city]


And to some extent I can understand how that happens. I can understand that under the pressure of crises some issues take precedence on others. But it is no excuse.


The moment is stopped looking I realized the EU simply does not want to talk to me. An average citizen. Or it can’t, or it has not yet learned how to. But the consequence is the same – a certain Olympian feel seems to envelop Brussels, and the clouds separating us citizens from the establishment only seem to go darker and darker.


It’s not a question of learning my language. It’s a question of using any language, any language at all, to talk to me.


The toddler that is EUrope has not yet learned to speak to us. And I find very few signs that it is interested in learning.




eu feetYears ago I said the path to a true Federation is going to take at least 100 years. What people did not understand then is that I was not only referring to the time it would take average citizens to grasp, appropriate and pursue that goal, but also to the institution that is EUrope to do the same thing.


The journey is long and hard. But it is a journey worth travelling. As we grow old with EUrope as our reality, so must EUrope grow older for us.

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  1. Exactly right. I think there has been a shift that even the politicians and bureaucrats themselves have yet to become truly aware of. They’re used to a system where the common citizenry were four steps removed from the supranational level of government and, suddenly, there is a much greater call for that level to be a single step removed from the electorate.

    My intuition tells me that they’re starting to come around to it. One tweet from ALDE or Verhofstadt or whomever uttered the (ridiculous) phrase “Oh, we should try to go viral more often.” It was a real moment of “Oh my god. You didn’t realise that resonating with the public is important before now?” That, or it was a really dry and ironic statement.

    1. As always the politicians are at least 15 years behind on reality. What bugs me the most is that these people regulate the way we live and this delay in coming to terms with life as it is outside the walls of the Brussels citadel has an impact greater than we would ever imagine. That’s why I’m starting to dislike a lot the career politician, and the deaf walls they surround themselves with.

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