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Federalism in #RO

I have made it no secret that I am a true believer in a Federal Europe. My first post on this blog is about my belief that the national state has lived it’s life. And I do have to agree that in Romania, where I live, the federalist momentum has yet to become a reality,… » read more

Posted by Horatiu Ferchiu

In 1902, a Romanian MP with 30 years of political carrier behind him, named Titu Maiorescu published an article called “Oratori, retori si limbuti” [roughly translated as Orators, rhetors and babblers]. He described the 3 categories as follows: ” [Oratorul vorbeste pentru] precizarea unei situaţii publice, afirmarea sau combaterea unei idei, convingerea unui auditoriu; mobilul… » read more

Posted by Horatiu Ferchiu